Thursday, November 04, 2010

Geoff Ault “Running with Scissors”

Geoff Ault “Running with Scissors”

An opening reception will be held at CITY Gallery 
on Saturday November 6th from 6-9 pm.

In Ault’s words:  “As children we are told what not to do.  Don’t touch that, it’s hot.  Don’t eat that, it’s dirty.  Don’t swallow your gum, don’t play with matches.  Don’t run with scissors.

Yet we did everything we were told not to do because we wanted to know why the adults didn’t want us to do these things.  So we found out what ‘hot’ is, what dirt tastes like, what happened when we swallowed our chewing gum, and the consequences of playing with matches.  But somehow we knew the consequences of running with scissors and usually didn’t try that one out..."

Some of Ault's images begin as film photographs taken with toy cameras that produce blurry, dreamlike images. Other images are created from objects placed on a flatbed scanner and digitally manipulated to produce distorted, unrecognizable images.
CITY Gallery 
804 H ST NE #1
Washington, DC 20002

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