Monday, November 29, 2010

Touchstone Gallery Annual Small Works Members’ Exhibition.

Annual Small Works Members’ Exhibition.
December 1 – December 23, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, December 3, 6 – 8:30 pm

Gallery A and B
December Roll Call: 50 ARTISTS(’) PRESENT(S)
Annual Small Works Members’ Exhibition.

Affordable artwork in a range of mediums, 24 square inches and smaller, priced at $500 or less.
Artists: Alderton, Alfuth, Bankerd, Bergel, Coppel, Cormier, Dale, DeMaris, Dortch Jr., Feller, Forster, Gagnon, Gomez, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Kanga, Kececi, Wu Kratz, Kupferberg, Lang, Lantz, Lewis, Roberts Logan, Lopatin, Lowenstein, Luckett, Lynch, McConnell, McCutchen, McInnis, More, Mould, Nathanson, Nolan, Novick, Ott, Plotkin-Mates, Rosenbaum, Sabo , Schonwald, Schulkind, Shaw, St. Charles, Tchernomazova, Volkova, Wallar, Warwick, Wheeler, Wismar, Young.

Gallery C
Shaping Room by Gary Bergel.
An installation/repository of mixed media and digital wall, floor, ceiling and window “inscape” works.

Touchstone Gallery
901 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-347-2787

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