Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rachael Ray Show - How to Rent Anything - including art at Raandesk Gallery

 Improvisation by Anne Marchand, 48 x 48 IN, acrylic and mixed media canvas 
featured on the Rachael Ray Show
Courtesy of Raandesk Gallery, NYC

The Rachael Ray Show, How to Rent Anything aired on January 25 and featured the work of Washington, DC based Anne Marchand, courtesy of Raandesk Gallery in NYC. You can see the clip on art 3 minutes 32 seconds into the The Rachael Ray Show video online. Hope you enjoy the show!

Look for Raandesk Gallery credits online at Rachel Ray website.

Rachael Ray Show - How to Rent Anything

Raandesk Gallery

Anne Marchand

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