Friday, January 07, 2011

Richard Siegman @ The District of Columbia Arts Center (DCAC)

ReSolve New Works by Richard Siegman 
Curated by Joanne Kent and Stuart Greenwell 

Jan. 14 - Feb. 6, 2011
Opening: Friday, January 14, 7-9pm

ReSolve is abstractionist Richard Siegman's re-examination of a 30-year painting process that finds him creating his most realized, and freshest work to date. By balancing his signature expressionist gestures against a contra-indicated slick, hard-edged ground, the result is a controlled dynamism of infinite proportion.
An artist faces a blank slate when beginning a new work. Regardless of the artist’s experience, creating even a single piece requires the same investigation of self in relation to materials and pictorial elements, and solving or re-solving those challenges. This process reinvents and keeps the work fresh and relevant to the present. Richard Siegman is a committed abstractionist. His most recent body of work is a continuation of the style developed in his signature large-scale acrylic abstractions on resin board. The palette for those paintings with vigorously applied thick strokes was mostly primary colors and black on a white background. These new paintings include more secondary and tertiary colors, and surfaces are as often hard slick gloss as thick impasto. These works are more thoughtful and controlled, and weave together a complex whole made up of disparate elements. Parts consist of shapes, including inverted pyramids or bands, either vertical or horizontal and often at right angles to each other, that interact with areas of thick paint or gloss enamel. The expressionistic strokes of color, rather than dominating the overall surface, are contained within the bands or other hard-edged shapes. These new paintings merge his earlier physical and intuitive spontaneity with a thought out and considered process, and result in a dynamic interplay of parts and surface. Joanne Ken

DCAC is located at 2438 18th Street NW, Washington, DC

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