Saturday, September 03, 2011

After Nearly 20 Years, Cultural Diplomacy Pioneer Retires

After Nearly 20 Years, Cultural Diplomacy Pioneer Retires 
Author Gary Tischler is a contributing writer for The Washington Diplomat.
Félix Ángel is a widely recognized, prolific artist who has shown his work all over the world and who — in his younger days in Colombia — lived the artistic life as any artist should: He painted, studied, wrote an underground novel and was part of a budding, lively art scene in his native Medellín.
But he may not have exactly imagined himself as the director of a cultural center run by a big multilateral bank, nurturing an ever-growing, innovative art program in a global epicenter of politics.

Well, Ángel the artist and Ángel the director have both been busy, as has his imagination. And now he's getting ready to retire. Not from being an artist — that would be impossible to imagine. But he is preparing to retire after nearly 20 years as curator and 11 years as director of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Cultural Center in D.C., a twist and turn in his career that was probably not in the plans of his fertile imagination.

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