Monday, September 26, 2011

U.S. Premiere of Aruban Artists’ “Microcosm” Exhibition

“Microcosm” Runs September 19th- October 13th at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador
The exhibition is closed on weekends and Columbus Day, October 10th

(Washington, D.C.) – For the first time, ten contemporary Aruban artists will collectively exhibit their work in the United States at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in Washington, D.C.  The “Microcosm”” exhibition is part of a series of events recognizing Aruba’s 25 years of Status Aparte within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The multi-disciplinary exhibition, consisting of site-specific installations, sculpture, mixed-media assemblage, video, paintings, collage, photography and drawings, brings together the artwork of noted Caribbean artists: Ciro Abath, Joanie Croes, Telka Van Dodewaard, Rob ter Haar, Glenda Heyliger, Elisa Lejuez Peters, Elvis Lopez, Alida Martinez, Osaira Muyale, Ryan Oduber and Hugo Palmar. These artists represent the diverse and eclectic reality of the Aruban “Microcosm” within the Kingdom.

Microcosm” juxtaposes contemporary Aruban art with the classic 17th century Dutch masters on display in the Residence producing conversations on how the microcosm of Aruba defines itself within the macrocosm of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Aruban art work engages with the existing Dutch masters and objects at the Residence in dynamic ways creating thought provoking contrasts.

Curated by Laura Roulet, Gijs Stork and Renwick Heronimo, a team of American, Dutch and Aruban contemporary art experts, “Microcosm” is the first phase of an international multicultural and policy focused initiative to create a platform where contemporary art serves as a medium to create awareness and dialogue among these participating regions.

As part of this initiative, the Aruban artists will visit relevant art institutions in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New York to forge new ties with like minded individuals.

 “The ‘Microcosm’ exhibition illustrates that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a macrocosm that stretches over two continents offering a rich diversity of people and cultures. “The exhibition celebrates the unique relationship between Aruba and the Netherlands and reveals how an autonomous entity thrives within the Kingdom,” added the Ambassador.

 “Microcosm” will be open to the public by appointment only from September 19th to October 13th from 9:30am to 11:30am.  The exhibition is closed on weekends and the Columbus Day holiday, October 10th. Reservations must be made by emailing with the date and time requested.

The “Microcosm” exhibition is sponsored by: the Union of Cultural Organizations of Aruba (UNOCA) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Culture of Aruba. 

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