Sunday, September 04, 2011

Debut of a new art space with the first exhibition featuring paintings by Baltimore artist Randi Reiss-McCormack in the solo space with an installation by DC-based artist Matt Hollis in the project space.

harmon art lab (HAL) is a creative collaboration that ties art curator, artist and viewer into an interactive dialogue of ideas and engagement. HAL will exhibit the work of two risk-taking artists per month working in a variety of media that will help to redefine contemporary art in the DC area, one as a solo exhibition, the other as a site-specific installation influenced by the space and the content of the artist's own work. This will offer prospects for transformation as each artist creates something temporal and unique to the space.

Along with the gallery, harmon art lab will publish a monthly online art paper inviting a menagerie of guest writers to articulate refreshing and thoughtful perspectives about the world of art as they see it. Unlike a traditional gallery website, the online art paper will also include fascinating interviews with area artists, collectors, curators and critics, as well as exhibition and installation images every month.

HAL will be open on Saturday and Sunday during the first week of exhibition, September 10, 6pm-9pm & September 11, 1pm-6pm with events such as artist talks, panel discussions and private functions throughout the month, and by appointment after that.

harmon art lab is the creation of artists Peter e Harper and Thomas Drymon.
Please RSVP contact Peter or Thomas Thank you.

Randi Reiss-McCormack's work has been shown on both coasts as well as in Europe. A prolific artist, an educator, a wife and mother of three, her work involves themes of domesticity mixed with patterns of pop culture and impressionistic vibrancy resulting in a subtle social commentary that embraces the viewer, incites nostalgia, and stirs thought.

Matt Hollis's work evokes a deep sense of nature, transforming and enlarging it into an artificial realm that gives the viewer a new perspective on how life interacts with itself.


Peter e Harper
Thomas Drymon
1716 14th Street NW, 2nd floor
Washington DC 20009

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