Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kate Moss prints by Chuck Close


A set of six Kate Moss prints by Chuck Close printed and published by Adamson Editions, Washington, DC sold for four times their top estimate at a May 31st, 2007 auction by Christie's International. Close's prints made from daguerreotype studies of the model took $166,000, compared with a high valuation of $40,000.

Adamson Editions published the series of six pigment print images of model Kate Moss, in an edition of 25 prints in 2005. In recognition of this new auction record the remaining complete sets will be priced at $80,000 for the next three sets, increasing in $20,000 increments until all remaining sets are sold.

To view the prints online, please click here. For additional information, please contact Laurie Adamson or Erin Boland at gallery@adamsongallery.com, or at (202) 232 0707.

1515 fourteenth street nw / suite 202 / washington dc 20005
t 202.232.0707 / f 202.232.2660
email: erin@adamsongallery.com

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