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January 30 - April 4, 2009
Reception: January 30, 6 – 9 p.m.

Richard Saxton /municipalWORKSHOP, photo documenting The M.I.K.E. Project, 2006

Public/Private illustrates what contemporary art often does best: address everyday life as it is lived, and sharpen the viewer’s understanding of what it means to be human in the present tense.
Artists featured in the show include:

Ben Kinsley and Robin Hewlett created a public art project last year that now exists online: On the day when the Google Maps street view truck came to photograph their street in Pittsburgh, PA (in order to create a searchable 360 degree photo rendering of the street), the artists staged a number of mock events using residents of the neighborhood, including a marathon, a parade with a marching band, and combat with swords and laser beams. The resulting STREET WITH A VIEW project will be searchable in the gallery via live web terminal, and video showing the events being staged live will also be shown.

Satomi Shirai is a young NYC photographer whose pictures are ostensibly about apartment living and asian-american culture clash. Though the apartment that serves as a backdrop is cluttered with junk, and the actions depicted are mundane--cooking, cleaning, exercising--like many contemporary women photographers, Shirai stages her images, featuring herself in poses awkward or balletic; each boxtop, magazine, or severed fish head appears to be a carefully placed prop.

D.C. artist Matthew Sutton (represented locally by Conner Contemporary's *gogo art projects) presents a piece based on Febreze Scentstories, commercially available air fresheners that change their scents over time in order to create linear narratives through smell. Sutton invites viewers to sit in a booth and write creatively in response to sequences of scents--either by writing short stories, free association, verse, etc. Subsequent visitors can read the accumulated stories, which are pinned to the wall as the show's run continues.

Richard Saxton is an artist, designer, and architect, designing and building functional public art projects--bus shelters, vehicles, music studios--that are intended for use by specific communities. The AAC will be featuring prints of Saxton's collages, CAD drawings, and installation photographs for his 2006 M.I.K.E. project, which serves as a mobile sculpture, a public performance space, and a community-based music program all at once.

Chris Barr and Veronique Cote are two Philadelphia artists who have created a web-based news broadcast in which the two artists, dressed as T.V. news anchors, and appearing in front of the sorts of backdrops favored by cable news channels, report on the activities of their family members and close friends, as gathered through e-mails, text messages, and phone conversations. Several episodes of this program--the EVERYONE THAT WE KNOW NEWS--will be playing at the AAC.

Also featured: Installations by Lisa Blas, Anissa Mack, Mandy Burrow, and Stephanie Robbins, and video of a site specific, interactive kinetic sculpture by Christian Moeller.

PUBLIC/PRIVATE is curated by AAC Director of Exhibitions Jeffry Cudlin.

The Arlington Arts Center (AAC)
3550 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington VA 22201
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