Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Stay tuned to this year's Chalk4Peace on 19-21 September, 2008!
A greeting from John Aaron, CEO of Chalk4Peace

Friends of CHALK4PEACE-
Looks like the World's getting down and dusty
with its enthusiasm and support of CHALK4PEACE...

Jerry Downs' photoessay of CHALK4PEACE has been posted
in Turkey by Levent Yildiz on his site http://www.fotoritim.com/yazi/jerry-downs--baris-icin-tebesir
in two languages!

The SOS Bethlehem Herman Gmeiner School in the West Bank, CHALKSTARS who participated in 2007, encourage their fellow school SOS Jerusalem in Israel to partner with them for simultaneous events of CHALK4PEACE 2008. We encourage all SOS Schools to join!
Thanks go out to Sarah Jayne Bleiweis Ida Audeh and Mothers Acting Up for their "take action" efforts...

This past Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was celebrated in Kauai, Hawaii with a grand CHALK4PEACE banner created on the spot in preparation for the September celebration. The Aloha Peace Project, in coordination with the Interfaith Roundtable, sponsored the event. Thanks to Laura and George Taylor for jumping in early in 2008!

A new CHALK4PEACE product!
COMING IN APRIL to Ebay...!!!!
CHALK4PEACE Commemorative limited edition porcelain mugs, set of 4, with images and stories from four locations around the world. CHALK4PEACE, in collaborative support for the Gandhi Institutes in New York and India offer this unique collectible through the Artists4Peace International Art Auction
8 April- 8 July, 2008 at givingworks@ebay.com.

You can help CHALK4PEACE and the Gandhi Institute in their quest to make peace a worldwide commitment and get a distinctive set of mugs in the process! Thanks to Patrick M. D'Acre for setting this in motion.

People are spreading the word...
and that word is CHALK4PEACE...
The Global Chalk Art Project for young artists of all ages

Coming again to a sidewalk near you
19-21 September, 2008

John Aaron

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