Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Van Gogh Blues Virtual Book Tour

At each stop along the way on The Van Gogh Blues tour, Eric Maisel will answer questions and deepen your understanding of the book’s key concepts about creativity, meaning, and depression.

Monday, February 4 Laura Olson
Enfuse Book Blog
Laura Olson blogs on books for Enfuse Magazine, a Colorado-based online publication that focuses on arts, culture, music, and literature.

Tuesday, February 5 Joan Conwell
A Dense, Wild and Tangled Wood is Joan Conwell's occasionally melancholy and often ironic look at writing, art, politics and the creative journey.

Wednesday, February 6 Drew Richardson
Think Foolishly
Drew Richardson writes about visual comedy and creativity for performers, actors, and other artistic problem solvers. The blog's premise is that there is an art to foolery and foolery in all the arts.

Thursday, February 7 Deb Robson
The Independent Stitch
Deborah Robson is a writer, visual artist, and independent publisher. She talks in her blog about general creativity, independent publishing, and some of what she's been reading, seasoning the discussion with a steady undercurrent of notes on knitting, spinning, and other hand textile crafts.

Friday, February 8 Jan Allsopp
in my spare time
The studio and sketchbook blog where artist Jan Allsopp reveals her latest ideas and creations.

Saturday, February 9 Helen Harrop
Creating in the Dark is where Helen Harrop records the faltering, sporadic and uncertain triumphs she makes on her journey of creative recovery. It is a place where her wild mind sets free the words, the art and the photos that are, more often than not, caught in the vice-like grip of her monkey mind. Her blog reflects her enduring fascination with all things sparkly and shadowy, beautiful and mundane, and with people who are much braver than she is.

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