Thursday, February 07, 2008

Virtual Book Tour Schedule - “Van Gogh Blues” by Eric Maisel

I hope you have been following along on the virtual book tour. I will be interviewing Eric Maisel on Monday. Come visit.


Monday, February 11 Anne Marchand
Painterly Visions
Anne Marchand is a full time artist who creates paintings with poetic connections to life. Her blog, Painterly Visions, showcases talented artists and exhibitions in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Anne comments on life in the arts from her studio in Washington, DC and shares information on area exhibitions, art reviews, and marketing resources.
Washington, DC USA

Tuesday, February 12 Ray and Bernadette Smith
Put two highly creative people together. Get them to say “I do.” Throw in dysfunctional childhoods, depression, financial loss, separation, and a few other challenges. Then check in 32 years later. You will find Ray and Bernadette Smith; creative cohorts in love with each other and life. Bernadette is an author, artist, and “decor therapist” who uses Feng Shui and clutter coaching to help clients create a sanctuary for heart and home. Ray is a teacher, SAG actor, and artist who integrates love for his crafts with life experience to help clients uncover and express their best self. Their blog, Enlightened ink, shares tidbits of humor and insight as they explore the art of living well - no matter what crosses your path.

Wednesday, February 13 Douglas Eby
Talent Development Resources
Douglas Eby, M.A., is a writer and researcher about social and psychological aspects of creativity and adult development, and his site includes hundreds of pages of articles, book excerpts, quotes, interviews and more material providing information and inspiration to enhance creative expression and personal achievement.

Thursday, February 14 Joan Swan
Romance Worth Killing For
At Romance Worth Killing For three romantic suspense authors delve into the ins and outs of the writing industry and discuss the writing life. With perspectives from various stages in their careers, the authors at RWKF talk all writing, all the time from grammar guides to promotional tips. Guest bloggers from all genres on Tuesdays and excerpts from new releases of all genres on Thursdays.

Friday, February 15 Pamela Yates

Creative Circle Cafe
Pamela Yates, an artist herself and a creativity coach, created the Creative Circle Cafe as a happiness blog for artists and other creative people. She writes stories and anecdotes related to the work and musings of professional artists, creating a virtual space which is nurturing and supportive in itself and which hopefully helps artists decide to create more abundant nurturing relationships and support for themselves in their real-world life and work.

Saturday, February 16 Patricia Kennelly
The Writing Nag blogs daily with motivational writing quotes, unique prompts to inspire daily writing, and words of encouragement for writers of all levels. Creativity, recommendations of writing craft books and anything and everything writing related.

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