Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A FotoWeek DC Exhibition

Sofia Gawer-Fische & Colin Winterbottom

November 6 – December 27, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 7, 2-5pm
Skynear and Company
2122 18th Street NW
Washington DC 20009

For this year’s FotoWeek 2009 Festival, Zenith Gallery has teamed up with Skynear and Company as the perfect venue to present the work of Washington art photographers, Colin Winterbottom and Sofia Gawer-Fische, in the store’s home-like setting, surrounded by an eclectic mix of contemporary and classical furnishings.

In this show, you’ll see Colin Winterbottom’s signature monument and panoramic themes, but taken with low-tech plastic cameras, including the Holga and new “blackbird-fly.” While many in the field are moving to advanced digital photography, numerous art-oriented photographers continue to prefer film and anachronistically lower-tech cameras, including Winterbottom. The flurry toward technology, he says, sent him in the opposite direction, leading him to experiment at the lowest end with the technically flawed lenses and limited exposure control of plastic or “toy” cameras. His results are striking, and he learned that with meticulous care and sensitivity to subject and medium, he could produce stunning and evocative images.

Sofia Gawer-Fische, on the other hand, in this series of photographs, has created a visual narrative with images taken at the famous and oldest graveyard in Buenos Aires, the Recoleta Cemetery. Focusing on the magical presence of angels, guardians and impenetrable iron gates and doors, she summons gestures and emotions that convey stories sealed in the crypts of some of Buenos Aires’s most illustrious families. Weathered, beautiful and still standing, the exquisite architecture and statuary, she says, have taken on ethereal qualities and the patina of time.

Zenith Gallery, PO Box 55295, WDC 20040 202-726-1627

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