Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hackney Citizen Features The artists’ playground

Anna Davies, a British journalist, discusses CHALK4PEACE in her recent article, "The Artist's Playground," an article about street art in East London and the definitions of public art. Britain and the U.S. are coming together with CHALK4PEACE! You can find the story in the Hackney Citizen - John Aaron of Chalk4Peace.

Hackney Citizen Features The artists’ playground
THE streets of East London serve as a canvas for artists: from the stone sculptures on London Fields to the Hackney Peace Carnival mural brightening up Dalston Lane.

John Aaron, of CHALK4PEACE, describes chalk painting as an evanescent art - it’s here and gone. The impermanence of the drawing perhaps persuades the Council to refrain from discontinuing this practice. The permanence and intention of public art pieces or events seem crucial to how they are received.

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