Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come on Baltimore, Let’s Suz-ercise!

Susan Lee-Chun invites Baltimore fitness fans to join her new faux-real fitness program:
Maryland Art Place, Baltimore 2010

Join Susan Lee-Chun and her three selves—Sue, Sioux and Su (The Suz)
  on a quest for ultimate happiness and fulfillment through contemporary fitness.

March 18
6pm Conversation with The Suz
7pm Everybody Suz-ercise! A presentation by The Suz
See Susan Lee-Chun’s vision and learn about how you can participate in the June 23rd event!

March 19
10am Suz-ercise Participant Orientation: Get measured for your Suz-authentic workout gear and begin your training for “Come On Baltimore, Let’s Suz-ercise!”
RSVP to map.submissions@gmail.com by March 15

June 23
6pm at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor: Come on Baltimore, Let’s Suz-ercise! “Together, we’ll help you meet our immeasurable goals.”

“Come on Baltimore, Let’s Suz-ercise!” is the inagural event in the metaMAP series, an on-going Maryland Art Place public art project.

Maryland Art Place
8 Market Place
Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21202

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