Thursday, March 11, 2010

Freya Grand @ Gallery Neptune

March 13 - April 4, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 13, 7pm
Artist Talk
Saturday, March 27, 2pm

will also feature composer and musician Steven Rogers,
performing original compositions
based on Freya Grand's paintings during the event.

Freya Grand, “Cotopaxi”, 48” x 60”, oil 
Photo courtesy Neptune Gallery

Freya Grand paints the land and the sea like nature’s true confidant. Her paintings rush towards us with immense power portraying earth’s forms whether solid or liquid. Even the ghosts of her subjects in the distance are mighty in their placement, like veiled sentries.  Although we are immediately presented with imagery large and strong, the artist takes great care to have us investigate her work slowly and at close range  where we examine the spray of water, the arid crumble of rocky terrain, mist as myst and other phenomenon that evaporate and disappear into the unknown.

In the month of March a collection of Freya Grand’s stunning landscapes and seascapes of Ireland, the Galapagos Islands, Peru and Iceland will undoubtedly stir each guest as the walls of Neptune hold her memories of the enigmatic earth.

Slide Show of work at Gallery Neptune.

Gallery Neptune
5001 Wilson Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814
contact: Elyse Harrison

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