Monday, March 22, 2010


Reception: Friday April 2, 6-9 pm
Ritual theater /dance performance: Saturday April 17, 2-5pm
Artist Talk, Closing performances: Saturday April 24, 2-5pm

Lisa Tayerle, Marcos Bisticas-CoCoves, JL Darrah, Jennifer Herbert, Zia Hilditch, Laurel LaFey, Andrea McCluskey, Michael Sylvan Robinson.

Faery is a world just a side step away from ours, a world so impossibly magical, but what cost that step: joy, power, fear, innocence, freedom. Guests join Gallery 10 member Lisa Tayerle in creating a magical inter-disciplinary exhibition. Faery, mystical beings, guardian and elemental spirits are the theme for this exhibition which will include: mixed media two and three dimensional work, ritual theater performance, music and dance.

Lisa Tayerle Lisa is a member of Gallery 10, and host for this exhibition. She is a visionary artist and Wiccan priestess. She works in mixed media print and found object assemblage  Creating pieces that speak to the sacredness of the earth.

Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves Marcos is a practitioner of the Reclaiming and Feri traditions of Witchcraft.  Drawing from his visionary experiences, he is  re-creating the Tarot using Photoshop and collage.

Andrea McCluskey  Andrea is a painter, printmaker and sculptoR who lives and works in Frederick, Maryland. She is interested in the relationship between consciousness and the phenomenal world.
Her imagery is drawn from experiences in wilderness and urban spaces.

Jennifer Herbert Jennifer is an artist and dancer from Baltimore, MD.  She is interested in the intersections between the material and imaginary realms, believing that both the physical and the fantastical are necessary for life.

Michael Sylvan Robinson: A visionary fiber artist, Robinson’s pieces are created with extensive hand sewing and beading.  Originally a costume designer and performance artist from New York City, his art
has been shown in galleries and exhibitions including the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco (2009). He is a semi-finalist for the 2010 Sondheim Prize, and his work will be exhibited in this year’s Artscape.  

Zia Hilditch Zia spent 6 years working in the production shops of the Shakespeare Theatre and freelancing himself as a theater artisan, whiteface fool, and variety artist. One fruit of that time as been feline Commedia del'Arte half-masks.

JL Darrah After many years as a performer, costumer and mask maker, Darrah has recently been motivated by mosaic. Inspired by air and water, fire and earth her work expands into large and permanent tools for the celebration of those elements.

Gallery 10
1519Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036

Dupont Circle Metro Red Line, Q St. Exit
Gallery Hours: Wed- Sat 11-5
Extended Hours: Sunday April 11, 18 11-5pm

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