Thursday, May 20, 2010

Civilian Art Projects Openings

SuperFacial by Ryan Hill

Killing Me Softly by Lindsey Raymond

May 21 - June 19, 2010

Opening Reception for the artists:
Friday, May 21, 7-9pm

Civilian Art Projects presents the second solo exhibition of artist Ryan Hill. In "SuperFacial," Hill continues his process of exploring the contemporary cultural imagination through found images and word associations. In addition to works on paper, he further indulges his curiosity and welcomes the viewer into his imagination by exhibiting a related wall collage of ephemera, photographs, drawings and textworks, and a video collaboration with DC area experimental filmmaker Rob Parrish. An essay by Ian Svenonius will accompany the exhibition.

Killing Me Softly by Lindsey Raymond
Civilian presents the thesis work of talented emerging artist, Lindsey Raymond. Showing her work for the first time in a gallery outside of college, Raymond presents a series of hand crocheted, sewn, and embroidered artworks. An exploding head, a zombie, a chainsaw, and knives dripping red, shiny, sequined blood down the wall exude this young artist's skill and playfulness. She turns craft on its ear through unpredictable and intriguing works that combine a homespun tradition with horror, resulting in humor. According to the artist, ''by using soft materials, the work becomes more approachable and accessible to the viewer through its inviting tangibility. The unconventional methods of my work surprise the viewer and play a role in altering our perspectives of not only horror, but domestic craft as well.''

Civilian Art Projects
1019 7th Street NW
Washington DC 20004
(202) 607-3804

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