Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Joan Belmar / Cameron Petke / Marie Ringwald at GAllery Neptune

Joan Belmar
Cameron Petke
Marie Ringwald

May 14 – June 5
Opening May 15th at 7pm      
Neptune Event Series: “Passing the Muse, a conversation with exhibiting artists and their collectors”, May 22, 4 PM
Artist’s Talk: May 29, 2 PM

Joan Belmar’s art alternates between paintings on paper to structured acrylic paintings using Mylar and acetate. In his structured paintings, Belmar adheres closely arranged perpendicular strips of Mylar to a back surface and then places a parallel translucent painting on the front of the art. By keeping the front painting simple and in focus, the Mylar strips create optical illusions of blurring the image when viewed from the side instead of the clean uninterrupted view straight on. These optical illusions mirror Belmar’s thoughts. The artist compares his work to the physical stability we recognize in our lives which can easily become blurred or disrupted by an emotion which is not stable, thereby temporarily altering our reality.

Cameron Petke spent a year producing a comprehensive exploration of the aesthetic and acoustical variables involved in making clear-ringing contemporary ceramic bells. Influenced by the classical beauty of marble sculpture, Petke fashions his bells with porcelain clay which is finely sanded and left unglazed to mimic the surface quality of polished stone. Similar to the outer-inner symbolism portrayed in Joan Belmar’s structural paintings, Cameron Petke uses the bell as an artistic object that retains the solidity of its form as it rings with the purity of an ephemeral vibration.

Marie Ringwald returns with new layered wood and metal constructions through which she continues to exercise her interest in store front and warehouse facades. As she simplifies various geometric compositions and carefully balances color, texture and reflective light, Ringwald produces elegant pieces engaging us through her direct, honest responses to architecture and design. The exhibit will feature “Patchwork Warehouse in Black and Silver” an impressive example of carefully edited work, which results in a fine minimal palette using steel, wood and tar paper.

Gallery Neptune
5001 Wilson Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814

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