Thursday, May 06, 2010


Everybody Suz-ercise!

Catch the new faux-real fitness wave created by The Suz (Miami-based artist Susan Lee-Chun).
Discover ultimate happiness and fulfillment as we help you meet immeasurable goals!

May 7: 12:30 pm

Watch 70 students perform in front of the Baltimore Lab School entrance. They'll be wearing specially designed DIY Suz-ercise fitness wear.

Check out the full fitness regimen at Learn to Suz-ercise in the privacy of your own home!

May 15: Deadline to join the Team that will perform on June 23! Register NOW and The Suz will make your high mode faux-fitness wear for the Baltimore performance.

June 23: 6pm to 7pm Everybody Suz-ercise! Inner Harbor Promenade and Market Place Plaza

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