Friday, May 13, 2011

Shadows, Persona, and Trickery / Chris Sheridan

Shadows, Persona, and Trickery
 a solo show of Seattle artist Chris Sheridan.

Saturday, June 18th, 2011
6pm -midnight
Opening Reception

National Harbor, MD. Seattle-based oil painter, Chris Sheridan, opens his solo show this June at Art Whino Gallery ( The opening reception is on Saturday, June 18th, from 6pm-midnight. The exhibit runs from June 17th to July 12th.

Chris Sheridan's show Shadows, Persona, and Trickery takes an in-depth look at magic and religion, their symbolism and ritual, how they played a role in building our early societies, and the disconnect between these theories and beliefs and contemporary modes of thinking. Deeply psychological, laced with multiple layers of meaning and references to the trickster archetype, the work also explores the manipulative quality found in us all. Also hidden in the work is the artist's search for the soul, which he believes is the construct that holds all of these ideas together in our collective unconscious.

Art Whino
122 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745 |
Phone: 301.567.8210 | Fax: 574.830.165

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