Monday, November 21, 2011

"About a Dog" exhibit

Ben Ferry
@ Artspace 109
through November 30, 2011
Artist Statement
Everybody has a dog experience that is very personal and unique, so often times it is difficult to explain that relationship in a way that the lay person can relate to.  I come from waterfowl hunters, where the dog has a role and a purpose beyond being a pet. 
Cassie Ferry was a Labrador retriever that even from her very first days had something very gentle and almost fragile about her demeanor.  In contrast to this, she was a ferocious hunter whenever she was taken out into the field or water to work.  I was always taken by how she was able to possess these contrasting personality traits that fit so perfectly into each of their environments and never crossover.
Her life corresponded with my decision to wholeheartedly become an artist, and I think it was very natural for me to choose her as my subject matter.  She was almost a poster child of the breed, and I was able to study her on a daily basis and start to carve out opportunities to try to explain those little idiosyncrasies that only a close relationship will allow.  This body of work chronicles the back half of her life, really up to within days of her passing. This is my dog experience.   - Ben Ferry

Artspace 109
109N. Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA  22314

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