Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photography Between the Wars at Addison/Ripley

On Exhibit through December 3, 2011

Berenice Abbott   Eugene Atget   Marcel Bovis   Brassai   Geneieve Chabourne  Gilles Ehrmann   Jill Jenicek   Francois Kollar   B. Krohn   Jan Lucas   Man Ray   Albert Renger-Patsch   Theodore Roszak  
Rudomine   Alfred Steiglitz   Paul Strand   Carl Van Vechten  Marc Vaux   Weegee   Edward Weston   Rene Zuber   

October 29 - December 3, 2011
For "Photography Between the Wars", we are enormously grateful to Virginia Zabriskie, important gallerist of New York and Paris for more than fifty years, for the opportunity to select works from her collection in assembling this exhibition. A friend for all of our, now, thirty years in business, we bought the first photographs for our own collection from Virginia in Paris in 1981 and have continued to admire her and learn from her example. Her passion for the art of photography, intense friendships with the artists whom she displayed and pioneering courage make up a part of the lasting contribution she has made.

The period between the First and Second World Wars saw an explosion in the creative output of photography. Explorations in technique, subject and medium left a remarkable legacy of work, which, although by the standards of today, is modestly scaled. It is, nonetheless, evocative of the emotional, political and intellectual upheaval of this  span of the Twentieth Century.

 Surrealism, Futurism and Commercialism each are referenced in the 39 photographs displayed in the Addison/Ripley exhibition, "Photography Between the Wars". For instance, the fashion work of Francois Kollar is nicely juxtaposed with edgier portraits by Berenice Abbott, Carl von Vechten and Man Ray. The Surrealistic Photograms, of Theodore Roszak foreshadow the  abstract jumble of tricycles by Gilles Ehrmann. With the inclusion of works by Weegee, we see the harsh light of "reality" beginning to be used tabloid style. And the early interior shots by Eugene Atget and view from Alfred Stieglitz's window give a perspective on how radically this medium progressed during these years.

Included also are works by Edward Weston, Rene Zuber, Paul Strand, Brassai, Marcel Bovis, Jill Jencek, Mark Vaux, B. Krohn, Geneieve Chabourne, Albert Renger-Patsch and Jan Lucas. Well known names from Europe and the United States and less well known ones represented by striking images. This exhibition is evidence that acting as a bridge between European and American voices in photography is one of Virginia Zabriskie's enduring contributions.

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