Friday, November 04, 2011

Hillyer Art Space Exhibitions

November 4, 2011- November 23, 2011 
Openings: Friday, November 4, 2011  6PM-9PM
ADMISSION: $5 suggested donation

David A. Mordini: dis-member
In this digital era, much of what is most important to us exists only as bits and bytes. Modern technology can inspire a false sense of connectedness that alienates us from the physical world and its interactions. As meticulously created objects, Mordini's fiberboard sculptures are the organic antithesis to this digital paradigm. With dis-member, an installation of fragmented body parts and distorted appendages, Mordini explores themes of disconnectedness, social hierarchies, and alienation.  

Min Enghauser: Desert Dwell
Min Enghauser began making photographs as a child; exploring, learning and becoming aware through photography.  For Enghauser, photographs, and the act of making them are glimpses of timeless spirits, of pure and unbiased realities of nature and time.  Enghauser's exhibit Desert Dwell are all images from the Anza-Borrego Desert where she found that there is a coming together of the essence of the inhabitants and the spirit of place.  Plant with rock, rock with sky, sky with mountain.  These inhabitants speak to each other without words and at their core is the spirit of the other.  Enghauser's photographs are the instruments through which she discovers and uncovers the truth of this slowly changing landscape of unity, cohesion, beauty, mystery and fate.

In Hillyer member space this month....A month-long installation in collaboration with Soapbox.  Featuring the work of Michelle Gomez and Jonathan Wille entitled The First Supper which is both an installation and three performances that deals with cultural and identity issues by looking at the idea of a non-traditional family.  During the performances, viewers witness the artists enacting dysfunction at a family dinner, exploring the notion of roles and performance particular to each family member. The father figure, transformed into a character through generalized stereotypes acts as the main character of the narrative. As three hour performances, viewers are invited to come and go as they please, offering an alternative to a more common audience-performer dynamic. Like a theater set, between performances the vibrant and chaotic dining room installation echoes of the absence of the performers, emphasizing the physical presence of the viewer and their own performative roles as they enter the space.

International Arts & Artists
Hilllyer Art Space9 Hillyer Court NW, Washington, DC 20008 USA

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