Saturday, April 14, 2012

Art Salon and Vernissage

April 17, 2012
One Lounge
1606 20th Street Dupont Circle, 7 p.m.

Washington, DC

In December 2008, photographer Patrick Cariou filed suit against Richard Prince and Gagosian Gallery in Federal district court for copyright infringement in response to Prince’s appropriation of 35 photographs taken by Cariou without his knowledge or permission. Several of the works by Richard Prince were sold, some for as high as $2.5 million. The Court in New York ruled against Mr. Prince and stated that the appropriation of the Rastafarian images was not a “fair use” and therefore a copyright violation. The case is currently on appeal and many museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and  MoMA have voiced support for Mr. Prince.

If you have ever thought or cared about the changes occurring in the art world with mass media and the internet, please join artist John James Anderson, Nora, Alex, Kate, Lizzie, Leah, Nadia and Adah Rose Gallery for a lively and robust discussion on the merits of the case, appropriation art and ethics and legality in the art world.

Read more about the case here

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