Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bethel Aniaku "Instinst of Desire"

Showing through April 17, 2012
Born on July 4, 1970 Bethel started drawing at 8 years of age. In the 1990's he became an understudy at the Bernard Art Studio in Bordeaux, France and later studied at the Academy of the Arts, Berlin, Germany. The cultural themes used by the artist in his paintings, include a blend of historical, literal, and artistic elements immediately recognizable, and in which each viewer returns magically to his own culture. He honors the trade of his carpenter ancestors by using wood as the base for his paintings. His inspiration comes from everyday experiences and life.

"Painting is a continual research for me. I best capture present reality by using the abstract. My compositions play with color, light, space, and various materials. Day after day I slowly add a layer to my canvas trusting my instincts over any particular idea. In the end this process lets the true nature of the piece emerge."

Mr. Aniaku was represented at the Francophonie 2011 Cultural Festival in Washington, D.C., he is also represented by the Contemporary Art Museum of Hiroshima, Japan; B.C.E.A.O. Bank, Dakar, Senegal; Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, Japan; The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.; and Mbari Institute; Washington, D.C, as well as exhibits in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, and Italy.

Parish Gallery-Georgetown
1054 31st. NW
Washington, DC 20007

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