Saturday, April 07, 2012

FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions, & Connections at the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery

Artists explore the complexities of human existence through written word & science

April 13 to June 9, 2012 
Opening Reception - Friday, April 13, 7-9pm
Artists' Talk - Saturday, May 12, 3:30pm

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FLUID: Rhythms, Transitions, & Connections, features the works of Francie Hester, Lisa Hill, and Rebecca Kamen, in collaboration with Susan Alexjander.

FLUID tackles the oft-unexplored complexities of human existence and visually ponder questions relating to loss, memory, and our connections to nature and one another.

The tragic passing of Brendan Ogg at the age of 20 from brain cancer was one of those moments in life that brought a family and a community together in search of a way to connect. The result is a unique artistic collaboration, Words as Legacy-A Leaf of Knowledge, created by Hester, Hill, Mattson Ogg and a community of knitters who came together to grieve and remember Brendan Ogg through the words and poetry he left behind.

Lisa Hill follows up on the impact of words left behind, by examining the nature of human existence as represented in one of the most intimate expressions - a signature. SIGNINGS: Mother and Father charts the signatures of Hill's parents over the course of their lives and shows how identity is formed and altered by life's events and the ravages of time and health.

Moving beyond the written remnants we leave behind, Francie Hester and Rebecca Kamen individelve into the abstract by exploring not the language that allows us to connect to one another, but rather neurological biology that enables us to connect to both our past and even nature.

Francie Hester takes her inspiration from the NIH's ongoing mapping project of the brain's minute electrical currents, our connectomes.

Together Hester, Hill, and Kamen explore the intangible realms of memory and human connectivity.

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery
1632 U Street NW
Washington DC

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