Monday, April 09, 2012

Ripography: Works with Paper Rex Weil

 March 23 - April 29, 2012

Cultural symbols of success fetishized in commercial photography are used to create works that blur the lines between installation and collage in Rex Weil's solo show. The gratuitous signs of pleasure and success that drift daily through the mail slot— luxury catalogs, realtors’ brochures, and home renovation magazines— are the materials Weil uses to construct work that recalls Barthes’ Mythology. Through intuition, analysis and mordant humor Weil illuminates the discourse of repression, desire, exploitation and frustration percolating just below the surface of commercial photography. For the artist each shred of imagery is tantamount to an isolated bit of DNA from which the complete texture of our social and economic relationships can be surmised. Pumped up lips, gold chains and other fragments are removed from the systems that imbue them with power and isolated within a dialogue of desire, frustration and exploitation.

DC Arts Center · 2438 18th St. NW · Washington, DC 20009

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