Friday, October 07, 2005

Beginning A Career As An Artist

I'm always looking for insights into the art world and the marketing of good work. From my own viewpoint as an artist who has been in "the business of art" for 27 years, career building is still a priority. I know a lot of artists who are beginning their careers and trying to "make it". Of interest, is a conversation from the point of view of two New York gallery directors on selecting artists to promote and exhibit. Washington, DC is mentioned briefly. I'd like to see a similar conversation with galleries in the DC area. The article "Conversations" gives some insight into gallery considerations from two contemporary gallery directors based in New York; Don Carroll of Jack the Pelican Presents and Christian Haye of Projectile, based in Manhattan and Los Angeles. The more we find out about the working process in the gallery system, the better informed we are to make choices in our careers as artists. The article is on the NYFA Interactive news. Read it here Conversations

Fraser Gallery is offering a workshop in November for artists on career building.

Success As An Artist Seminar
Sunday, November 13, 2005
Presented by the Fraser Gallery, this full-day seminar will be held at the Warehouse Theater, Café and Gallery, 1017 7th Street NW.
Registration application and more information is online at the Fraser Gallery

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