Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Surprise Visit. Who Is This Courageous Artist?

A surprise call, an artist friend Keith Ferris from university, whom I haven't seen in years met me for coffee today. It was a happy meeting with a kindred soul, a gift from the universe. We recognized each other immediately. I had to laugh, because Keith said that he was afraid we wouldn't recognize each other. I answered that there is always something constant in us that we recognize in each other. We talked about the art world, marketing, creativity, blocks, community. Keith showed me slides of his new work, we told our life stories (condensed). We compared galleries and shared a little philosophy, all in the course of an hour. I took him to see my playground mural in Mid City Washington, DC. The playground was filled with children from the nearby Day Care Centers. Full sun with a brisk air added to the lovely day.

My painter friend Keith, lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. He is wanting to take a risk to make new meaning with his art. We artists go through these evaluations of the timing to move into unexplored and risky territory. At least it feels risky to us to stand in the unknown, brave the anxiety and forge onward. At most, when we risk the unknown, we come away renewed and inspired to continue the journey of "meaning making". The word "difficult" came up regards an artist's life. I wished I had used the word courageous instead.

The Westminster Playground Mural is located at 915 Westminster Street NW ( off 9th Street between S & T Sts. NW) Washington, DC USA www.annemarchand.com

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