Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Two Current Exhibitions; Donovan at Govinda! and DFA

Yes, I'm an avid fan of Donovan. A good friend just gave me his new Try for the Sun: The Journey of Donovan 3 CD set. I have been driving my car more often so I can listen to this rock icon. Top down with "Catch the Wind" playing and I remember the idealistic social rebels of yesteryear. I stopped by Govinda Gallery in Georgetown to see Donovan's new "Sapphographs". Donovan is a master poet and musician. His Happiness Runs filled my day with sweetness and nostagia that were echoed in his choice of subject for his new works on paper, Sappho. One of the great Greek lyrists and few known female poets of the ancient world, Sappho was born some time between 630 and 612 BC. In today's Washington Post Review, "The Mellow Yellow Fellow's Soft Spot for Sappho," we hear that "What resonated for Donovan was her verse, timeless in its evocations of melancholy, longing, joy. Poets like Sappho were the pop stars of their day, he said, but with a lasting legacy." Donovan's processes thru photography, xerox, computer work and lithography transform his dramatic Black and White figures into mythic images. A must see exhibition by our modern day mythic poet, Donovan! The exhibition runs trhough November 12, 2005

I also visited the newly remodeled contemporary District Fine Arts at 1726 Wisconsin Ave. NW where artists Mike Weber, Connie Fleres, Amr Mounib are three of the artists showing in "The Art Collective Expo." As the gallery owner states, "This exhibit marks the dawning of a new era at District Fine Arts, as we tip our hats to a rich history in art and embark into a new age of exquisite new art, excellence in design, impeccable frames and the joy of your company! - Elyse, Tim, Steve and Amr. Sculpture and Encautic paintings by Connie Fleres, Abstract Compositions by Mike Weber and Black and White Photographs by Amr Mounib. Ask to see his color photos too. Other exhibiting artists: Tone Rawlins, Brian Banner, Duarte and many more...


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