Thursday, October 06, 2005

Louisiana Division of the Arts - Assistance for Artists impacted by Hurricane Katrina

To see a list of agencies helping in rebuilding Gulf Coast Arts after Katrina.
Louisiana Division of the Arts

The Louisiana Division of the Arts would like to bring you up-to-date on our efforts to create a comprehensive mechanism for assisting the arts community. We are working directly with the Louisiana Partnership for the Arts and the Arts Council of New Orleans to assess the direct and indirect impact of Hurricane Katrina within our arts communities. Furthermore, we are developing a framework to cohesively address relief and recovery for artists and arts organizations throughout our state and across the nation. Please be assured we are working swiftly to create this framework and marshal all available resources for this effort.

Attached please find the link for the Louisiana Division of the Arts' "Artists' Relocation" form. Over the course of recent weeks, a great number of Louisiana's artists have been displaced throughout the country. It is because of this displacement that our current contact information database has been compromised. The information provided by our artist on this form will greatly assist the Louisiana Division of the Arts in keeping open the channels of communication and providing assistance when possible or where needed. You can forward the form to your local arts council, which can be found by clicking here. Any assistance in this area is greatly appreciated. Artist Relocation Information Form -

Please forward all completed forms to the Louisiana Division of the Arts
Mail: Louisiana Division of The Arts or Email: or FAX: (225) 342-8173
PO Box 44247
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4247

The Division of the Arts will be regularly updating our arts community on the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts for Louisiana’s arts industry. A special update will be sent out every 48 –72 hours with archives located on our homepage. Until further notice, the regular Email Forum will be suspended while we are addressing the needs of all our artists, arts professionals and arts institutions.

Louisiana Division of the Arts RELIEF, RECOVERY, REBUILD

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