Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cleaning Up Our Act

It felt very good to go to the studio today and center myself to work on some small canvases. I remembered that the childlike joy I receive in these moments is a gift in itself. I am nudging myself back into creation. A fellow creative soul and I were talking about processes this evening. The cleaning of our studios and lives allows us to see all the collected and forgotten bits and pieces of things and how they relate to our current creations. It is vital to allow a process to incubate over time, to observe the relationships to all the pieces and to reprocess or discard the rediscovered stuff. This includes materials, color schemes, ideas, writings and other inspired saved stuff.
The studio cleaning process allows us to notice the conversation that takes place between ourselves and our work over time. If we allow ourselves we can get into a free flow where we see newness in the clutter. It's another way of reconnecting to the whole of the stuff we make, From chaos to vision.

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