Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Legacy at the Nevin Kelly Gallery

This afternoon, I strolled down the baked streets of DC to U Street, stopping at the Vegan bakery, Sticky Fingers on 18th Street for a muffin snack and then to Cake Love for a chai to complement my snack. (I hadn't eaten breakfast!) I headed over to a gallery talk by Sondra Arkin and Mary Beth Ramsey, two artist friends who collaborated on the exhibition, Poetic License, at the Nevin Kelly Gallery. Both artists discussed their theme, processes and materials exploration which got them to their finished pieces on the day of the installation. A good turnout of about 25 folks came out to hear the artists. It was a delightful way to interact with the artists about their new work. Here are some pictures from today's event. Stretch your feet and go see this multi-layered exhibition before it closes on July 19, 2006. You'll be delighted too.

"Like most good friends, Washington, DC artists Sondra N. Arkin and Mary Beth Ramsey have similar worldviews. Each believes that our lives are shaped by a countless array of emotions, experiences and other influences that layer one upon another to define us as individuals. How they influence us affects how we influence others. The layers become both a part of us and a part of our legacies."

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