Friday, July 21, 2006

See...."Blogging Off"

Singing anyone?
Lenny don't go.......
ple e e e aaeeze, Lenny don't go-oh.

in Washington City Paper, July 21, 2006
"D.C. art booster Lenny Campello is leaving his posts".
By Nell Boeschenstein

"Don’t worry, Campello assures his fans. Even though he’s no longer a D.C. gallery owner, he claims he’s still all about D.C. With his more relaxed schedule, he’s going to investigate becoming a private dealer, and he’ll be traveling to art shows and fairs up and down the East Coast to explore his options. He sees this as an opportunity to introduce D.C. artists to an audience beyond the Beltway."

Whew! Change is optional.

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