Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sizzling Summer Sampler

Zenith Gallery presents             
Patrick Cochran: Patrick Cochran constructs his wall reliefs from bronze, steel and resin; incorporating everyday objects and artistic elements into sophisticated and humorous objects.
Christine Hayman: Thick layers of uncommon colors characterize Hayman’s dynamic abstracts, giving the viewer the feeling of looking down from the sky at a richly textured landscape.
Joan Konkel: Her current work explores dimensional boundaries by merging diverse materials such as colorful acrylic mesh, aluminum and stretched canvas to create pieces that must be seen in person to fully understand their dimensionality.
Leslie Exton: Fresh from her curatorial and artistic Lewis and Clark exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery, Exton’s uncanny realism evokes the sensuality and anthropomorphic nature of roots.
Contact: Jodi Walsh, Marketing Director
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Gallery Hours: Tues – Fri, 11am-6pm  Sat, 11am-7pm  Sun, 12-5pm  

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