Monday, November 20, 2006

Archaeology of Tomorrow: Architecture and the Spirit of Place

A new book is out by pioneering architect Travis Price. If you love innovative architecture which takes into account the environment, metaphor, poetry and stewardship, you will love Travis Price's new book. "The Archaeology of Tomorrow" offers an innovative perspective on the enduring nature of design and architecture, identifying the principles of the "mythic modern" and employing the "three lenses of architecture"; to define the nature of design through the influence and inspiration of architect Frank Gehry, sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, and mythologist Joseph Campbell."

Price teaches the SPIRIT of PLACE / SPIRIT of DESIGN program in conjunction with The Catholic University of America / School of Architecture & Planning.

Washington, DC— In his three decades as an architect, author, educator, and philosopher Travis Price has developed a modern architecture informed by ecology mythology that restores the spirit of place to modern design.

In his new book, "The Archeology of Tomorrow : Architecture and the Spirit of Place," (Earth Aware Editions, November 2, 2006), Price’s insights into our collective past and personal ongoing work offer an inspired and redefined view of the heritage and potential emerging architecture. His visionary questions speak to the heart of where the built environment is going and our responsible place within it. Guided by a humanist-based perspective and desire for sustainability that honors nature and culture, The Archeology of Tomorrow follows Price’s quest for the mythic modern while offering inspiration for reinvigorated architecture of the 21st Century. Price’s exciting and achievable vision architecture’s future asks all of us to think in new ways about our living environment.

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