Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Silver Wings, Night #3 of the WPA\C Experimental Media

Don’t miss the last and final evening of the WPA\C Media Series 2 this Wednesday! 
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Corcoran Gallery of Art's Armand Hammer Auditorium (New York Ave. entrance)
Address: 500 17th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006
Night 3 – Silver Wings - Wed, November 29

Juried submissions from Open Call by Peggy Parsons & Paul Roth

Silver Wings, Night #3 of the WPA\C Experimental Media Series 2, is a survey of recent short video works. Organized from an open call for entries by Peggy Parsons, National Gallery of Art Curator of Film Programs, and Paul Roth, Corcoran Curator of Photography and Media Arts, Silver Wings features exceptional works by both emerging and established artists. Exploring a range of technical approaches, narrative strategies, and genres, the series includes examples of hand-animation, reexamined home movies, stop- and slow-motion studies, conceptual and performance work, and electronic mash-up. Together, the works in Silver Wings exemplify experimentalism in the afterglow of cinema, as visual storytelling is reinvented and new digital metaphors take flight.


Qingjing Jing – Peng Hung-Chi – NY
Reel – Lynn Cazabon – Baltimore
Super-8 Mom – David Ellsworth – Michigan
Out of Step – Lynn Marie Kirby – CA
27/12 – Karla Carballar – NY
Saida – Graciela Fuentes – NY
Feeding – Leslie Furlong – Baltimore
Threnody – Janis Crystal Lipzin – CA
East Whist and Starry Noes, Mix #1 – Cynthia Lovett – NY
Elaine Drive – Robbie Land – Atlanta
Stop Motion Studies – Series 13 – David Crawford – Sweden
Ultimate Reality – Jimmy Joe Roche – Baltimore
You, Starbucks – Jennifer Levonian – Philadelphia
Life and Times of RFK – Aaron Valdez - Iowa

Total running time: 80:00 min.


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