Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Civilian Art Projects

Introducing Washington, DCs newest gallery supporting emerging and underrepresented artists: Civilian Art Projects. new launch exhibition: 

Dynamic Field
Dec 2, 2006 Dec 23, 2006 

Opening Reception for the artists: 
Saturday, Dec. 2nd 7-9 p.m.
Warehouse Arts Complex
1017-21 7th Street NW 

Breck Omar Brunson 
J Carrier 
Lily Cox-Richard 
Jason Falchook 
Erick Jackson 
Michael Johnson 
Nilay Lawson 
Jason Zimmerman

Presenting the fantastical, the underdog, the mundane, the lucky, and reflections of life in all of its beauty, absurdity, and undeniable complexity, Dynamic Field poses the city as a stage in which its actors and citizens interact with each other and the built world. Though photography, video, sculpture, painting and architectural interventions, artists question, explore and poke at what is accepted and certain, holding our beliefs and the curious ways in which we live up for inspection.

email: jayme@civilianartprojects.com 
phone: 202.607.3804 

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