Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cultural Center Exhibition: Turns and Directions, Central America and Panama - IDB

Turns and Directions
Changes in the Arts of Central America's Spanish-Speaking 
Nations and Panama During and After the 1950s
thru November 19, 2010 
The exhibition presents a total of 27 pieces, coming from the IDB and the OAS collections, and it is part of an ambitious project, “About Change,” organized by the World Bank Art Program, with the collaboration of the IDB Cultural Center.

The focus is on the arts produced in Latin America and the Caribbean during the last decade through the works of artists thirty-five years of age or younger, with the purpose of exploring the changes that have resulted, in great part, from the effects of economic globalization and information technology.
At the Center's art gallery at IDB headquarters in Washington, DC

The Cultural Center
of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

1300 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20577
202 623 3774

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