Monday, October 18, 2010

Elia Kahvedjian / The Eye Behind the Camera

Elia Kahvedjian
The Eye Behind the Camera
Rare silver prints from a Jerusalem photo studio
At the Jerusalem Fund Gallery

October 22-December 3, 2010
Opening reception: Friday October 22   6:00 -8:00 p.m.
Elia Kahvedjian was born in 1910 in Ourfa, Turkey and passed away April 1999. In 1915, Elia’s family of both parents, five brothers, three sisters, uncles and aunts were massacred along with 1.5 million other Armenians. After being homeless, sold as a slave, and even chased by cannibals,  Elia was rescued by the American Near East Relief Foundation (A.N.E.R.F) and taken first to Lebanon and then to Nazareth. Since his childhood, Elia had dreamed of becoming a photographer. Krik`orian and Toumaian, photographers in Jerusalem, made his dream a reality. When Elia came to Jerusalem, he was fascinated by Jerusalem’s historical places, landscapes and characters and began taking pictures in 1924. From there Elia devoted himself to photography, catching the scenes and lives of Jerusalem’s streets.
The Jerusalem Fund Gallery
2425 Virginia Ave. NW
Washington, DC 202-338-1958

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