Thursday, October 07, 2010

Spencer Finch at he Corcoran

NOW at the Corcoran
Spencer Finch: My Business, with the Cloud
September 11, 2010 – January 23, 2011

This month, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College of Art + Design launched its new contemporary
program, NOW at the Corcoran, a series of one- and two-artist exhibitions that presents new work
addressing issues central to the local, national, and global communities of Washington, D.C., and that
responds to the collection, history, and architecture of the Corcoran.

NOW at the Corcoran opens with an exhibition of new work by Brooklyn-based artist Spencer Finch.
Finch’s sculptural installations, photographs, and drawings seek to capture the elusive space between
perception and the outside world, probing the intersections of science, nature, and memory. Using
industrial materials to recreate individual experiences or particular sensations such as candlelight or the
wind off of Walden Pond, he often draws from historical accounts by poets and philosophers to explore
the persistence of human curiosity. Finch’s works play with light, color, and time to remind his viewers
that looking is never as simple as it looks. Passing Cloud, 2010, is a site-specific sculpture made for the
Corcoran’s Rotunda that alludes to a moment on a summer’s day in 1863 when Walt Whitman and
Abraham Lincoln crossed paths in Washington.

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