Friday, October 01, 2010

A Physician Looks at Severe Illness From the Other Side

"Courage Unmasked." 
“A Physician Looks at Severe Illness From the Other Side”
The Friendship Heights Village Center
Thursday, October 7, 2010, at 7 p.m.

Dr. Itzhak Brook specializes in pediatrics and infectious diseases and is also a Professor at Georgetown University. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2006. In his book My Voice, he tells his story from diagnosis through surgeries and treatment. Pulling no punches, he compliments those who deserve it and
candidly relates the many disappointments and trials with doctors, nurses, hospitals and his efforts to learn a new way to speak. He tells of his experiences as a patient, like most of us, not as a physician.

Register to meet and hear Dr. Brook by calling The Friendship Heights Village Center (M-F 9-5) at 301-656-2797. Copies of Dr. Brookʼs book will be available for purchase. If you cannot attend but wish to buy a book or make a donation, please call NCCS: 301-650-9127. All proceeds will go to the fund 9114HNC (Help for Head and Neck Cancer).

On display at the Center are several radiation treatment masks. These masks were decorated by artists from all over the country for the fund raising event "Courage Unmasked." The fund grants financial aid to head and neck cancer patients. Please take the time to view these works of art.

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