Saturday, November 05, 2005

7 Days and Counting.....Cracking the Egg, Overcoming Resistance to Creating

Untitled, 9" x 12", acrylic and mixed media on canvas. © Anne Marchand. All rights reserved.

7 days and counting until Open Studio.

In the November issue of Art Calendar Magazine, Creativity Coach, Eric Maisel has an article called “Cracking the Egg” which deals with resistance. He says that “painting each day requires that we crack through a shell of resistance that can frighten us to crack - except when it doesn’t. You know the difference.” To paraphrase... a hard shell arises somewhere in and encircling our bodies. Step one is to crack that shell of physical resistance and create.

The second area of resistance that Eric Maisel mentions fascinated me today...our resistance to staying put. It is interesting to watch my own resistance to creating. I managed to stay put today and paint, even in this glorious weather. Instead of abandoning the work, I took an “apple break”. When I was ready to leave the studio, I could say it was "an honorable painting stint".

Mid City Artists Open Studios. Come visit my Studio on Saturday & Sunday, November 12 & 13, from 12-5pm. I'll be offering abstract and cityscape paintings, giclee prints and posters. My studio is in Dupont Circle, 2 blocks from Dupont Circle Metro. You can download a Mid City Artists Walking Map here.

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