Thursday, November 17, 2005

CuDC not hosting 3rd Thursdays in Penn Quarter

I went downtown to Penn Quarter expecting to visit the Zenith Gallery and Touchstone Gallery during the (monthly) 3rd Thursday gallery crawl. I found out that The Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC) is no longer holding this monthly event. This is exactly the type of event that needs to continue downtown to celebrate the arts and get the public out to experience the vibrant artscene in the Penn Quarter of Washington, DC. Can someone tell me why CuDC stopped 3rd Thursdays? I, for one, met hundreds of folks over the year coming through the Zenith Gallery during 3rd Thursdays. Why go to all the trouble to develop a program for the city and then withdraw it when it becomes popular? Zenith Gallery owner, Margery Goldberg happened to be in tonight when I came by. As we spoke, six people popped in at 7pm thinking we were having a 3rd Thursday event. We let them look around a little and then closed up the gallery.The lights should be staying on in DC's downtown galleries. Hey CuDC! We want our event back...PLEASE! The Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC) is a private, nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC. They engage artists and arts organizations in community development and neighborhood revitalization efforts to stimulate economic growth, expand the city's cultural horizons, and improve quality of life in the nation's capital. Their website still invites everyone to Join the monthly 3rd Thursday gallery crawl. Anybody home?

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