Thursday, November 03, 2005

Countdown Gallery, 9 Days until Open Studios

Arc Point, 36" x 48", Acrylic, Sand, Mica, Pigment on Canvas.
Anne Marchand from the "Ellipsis Series".

Day 9 and counting....

Well, seven hours on the computer to recreate a design for a public art project today!. Can't complain as I love making art- virtually or otherwise. It's all love of creation! Here's my painting pick for day 9. Hope you enjoy it. It is one from my newest series " Ellipsis". This one will be on display during Open Studio but it's already been "taken", as they say.

Mid City Artists Open Studios. Come visit my Studio on Saturday & Sunday, November 12 & 13, from 12-5pm. I'll be offering abstract and cityscape paintings, giclee prints and posters. My studio is in Dupont Circle, 2 blocks from Dupont Circle Metro. You can download a Mid City Artists Walking Map here.

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