Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Artist or Art Opportunist?

Little Artist Versus Big Dealer in Sidewalk Showdown


Eric Doeringer is an artist who makes paintings. But he does not exactly obsess over them, wrestling Pollock-like with his muse. In fact, as he explained the other day, "I make them in batches - so I can usually do somewhere from 6 to 15 in a day." "It's like an assembly line," he said cheerfully.

The outlet for this painting factory has been a popular vending table that Mr. Doeringer has set up every Saturday for the last four years in the heart of the Chelsea gallery district. It is stacked high with tiny canvases that he openly calls bootlegs - faithful miniatures of works by contemporary artists like Richard Prince and Lisa Yuskavage, whose paintings may be on sale within a few blocks for tens of thousands of dollars. Mr. Doeringer's usually sell for less than $100. Read More

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