Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artist Website / Martha Castillo

Innovation in new media:

Martha Castillo Clayprint Studios
Palo Alto, California

Martha Castillo, "Concerto Grosso" 34" x46"

I recently learned about the work of California artist, Martha Castillo. She works in an innovative medium called Clayprints. Invented by Mitch Lyons, clayprinting is a new mono type technique, with clay for "ink", and hand tools instead of a press.

As Castillo states on her website, "A slab of stoneware clay is rolled flat and allowed to become leather-hard. China clay, mixed with pure pigments and water, is applied to the slab in many layers, creating the image. Using a rolling pin, and other hand tools, the image is transferred from the slab to specialized canvas. The top layer of clay is removed with each 'pull', so every print is unique."

Martha Castillo currently gives workshops on clayprinting in the SF Bay Area. See workshop schedule Here.

Her latest clayprints will be featured at KALEID Gallery, a storefront gallery created by a community of artists collaborating with downtown businesses in San Jose, California.

Martha Castillo Latest Clayprints

"Cities and Beyond"

June 3 -28, 2008
Reception June 6, 7-9 pm

Kaleid Gallery
88 South 4th Street
San Jose, CA 95113
For more info: 408.271.5151

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