Thursday, May 01, 2008

New American Paintings Feature the Work of Josephine Haden

Josephine Haden's paintings were selected by Jenelle Porter, Associate Curator, ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) at the University of Pennsylvania, for publication in New American Paintings Mid-Atlantic edition No. 75 (Open Studio Press, April 2008).

New American Paintings is a juried exhibition-in-print. Each regionally focused edition presents the work of some 40 painters selected by a prominent art curator.

In her curatorial statement for this edition, Porter says ". . . fear not, Painting is not dead. . . painting is very much alive and kicking. . . something about each of the artist’s work struck me. . . exploring color and form . . . find new territory to explore in representation and the figure. . . Animals are popular, both the peaceable and not-so-peaceable kingdom permutations."

Congratulation to Ms. Haden!


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