Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Concrete Alchemists Transform Grey Blank Walls into Colorful Works of Art

Concrete Alchemy is a tour of 15 visual artists visiting five major urban centers on the East Coast. It is the first tour that creatively combines gallery shows, public panel discussions and numerous murals to present the artists’ unique approach to public arts. The tour visits 5 major urban centers on the East Coast over 7 days. These artists are major driving force in pushing the limits of contemporary urban arts. Their work dictates the future progression in graffiti and street art.

The purpose of the tour is not only to promote the exemplary artists, but also to maintain discussion with public regarding public spaces and art in the public spaces. This artist collective was formed around ideas promoting participatory public art. By incorporating contemporary arts, the projects are increasingly popular among young population which is the main focus of the work. All artwork featured on this tour will be created by collaborative approach.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 - Washington, DC

On Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 they will stop at the Benning Park Community Center located on 53rd SE and Fitch St. SE, Washington, DC. They partner with Words, Beats and Life, a local non-profit cultural and educational organization that empowers the local youth with skills necessary for following their dreams. They will present their work by live painting of a large mural on the side of the Community Center and speak to the audience about their path to becoming successful artists. They will be available to meet between noon and 8pm. The size of the mural is 24’H x 65’W.

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 – National Harbor, MD / Washington, DC

Art Whino Gallery focuses on showcasing art by young and experimental artists. The art of Concrete Alchemy will be presented through slideshow of photographs of Ricardo Barros and public panel discussion. The event will start at 6 pm. The address of the location is 173 Waterfront St., National Harbor, MD 20745. After 9 pm, the artists will be presenting their work at after-party (location tba) . This live demonstration of the artistic process will include customizing of hats and sneakers. The party is organized in collaboration with SolSource.

Friday, May 23rd, 2008 – National Harbor, MD

The tour will officially end with a gallery exhibit opening at Art Whino on Friday, May 23, 2008 from 6pm to midnight. The audience will have chance to view artists’ recently finished canvases and a slideshow of photographs from the previous days of the tour. These artists, who are major driving force in the contemporary urban arts, were carefully selected. Their work dictates the direction of future developments in mural art, graffiti and street art. It is not only for their technical perfection of painting with aerosol but also for their unique artistic approach to murals and public art.

*Though Concrete Alchemy promotes the visual artists, music is an essential part of the culture. DJ Nex Millen of Respect the Culture will accompany the visual artists in every gallery show and at all walls on this tour. Respect the Culture is an entertainmet and multimedia company, globalizing hip hop culture through music, fashion and art. Their goal, that is making it part of the Concrete Alchemy is to return to the roots of the contemporary urban culture by focusing on positivity, creativity and non-violent means of expression.

Cern, Brooklyn, NY Chor Boogie, San Francisco, CA Col, New York, NY Crol, San Diego, CA Demer, Newark, NJ Eric Kennedy, Philadelphia, PA Kasso, Trenton, NJ Mike Ciccotello, Highland Park, NJ Mr. Maxx Moses, San Diego, CA Plan, Philadelphia, PA Rain, Trenton, NJ Ricardo Barros, Morrisville, PA Veng, New York, NY Vyal, Los Angeles, CA Werc, Los Angeles, CA

The interviews with all artists and examples of their work can be found on the tour’s website www.albuscav.us/concretealchemy

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